An ISO 9001 company, Gigatek provides fast, low-cost, and accountable full service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services. Their facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art Surface Mount and Through Hole printed circuit board assembly equipment, 3D Computed Tomography, clean room environments, plastic injection molding, silk screen printing, wire winding, Chip on Board [COB] assembly, and more.


Wistron employs over 80,000 people worldwide. As an original design manufacturer (ODM), Wistron designs and manufactures products for other companies to sell under their own brand name. Wistron focuses on information and communication technology (ICT) products, including notebook PCs, desktop PCs, servers, storage, LCD TVs, handheld devices, and devices and equipment for medical applications. Wistron provides a variety of technology services within the design, manufacturing, and after-sales service functions tailored to meet customers' specific requirements.


Tricor provides electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) services and reliable, high quality hardware and software to a variety of customers, in the medical, military, aerospace, and industrial markets. TRICOR's engineers meld electronics, mechanics and optics to produce unique and specialized equipment. The majority of TRICOR's products have been developed for testing and quality assurance functions in the military, switch, food and light measurement industries.